The UX DesignProcess

What is my project methodology?
I start off by dissecting the client's brief, re-briefing the client if needed, followed by a common
understanding of the problem, learning about the company's vision & mission- the Why & the How.
I adapt my methodology depending the project's scope & pipeline. From prototype first to research first.

One of my rules in consulting is simple: never solve the problem I am asked to solve.Why such a counterintuitive rule?
Because, invariably, the problem I am asked to solve is not the real, fundamental, root problem. It
is usually a symptom.
I strive to discover the real problems because a brilliant solution to the wrong problem can be worse than no solution at all.

Why do I work with organisations that support Gender Diversity and Equality?
I believe that every individual is capable of bringing change, of being an advocate for gender equality.
Change from an individual directly reflects in the company & society as a whole. We must do our part.