Tyroo: Ai powered Video on Deman Service


Anmol was approached to design a VOD app for millennials.

The app's USP was that the videos were algorithmically presented based
on user' consumption

The app's purpose was to give people content to watch while they were on commute or
in their spare time. The videos would be short-form ads of products.


Emotion graph

UX_Emotion Graph.png

After the kick-off meeting with the client and the stakeholders, Anmol mapped the emotion graph or the journey that the app was targeted to achieve.

This included analysing tonality from the interview he conducted of users as part of his research.

UX_Interview Questions.png

Interview Questions

Anmol prepped up an exhaustive questionnaire to cover his ground on the habits millenials are attuned to.

UX_User journey across touchpoints

User journey

Since the service was mobile exclusive, the touchpoints were narrowed down to digital marketing platforms and app stores to advertise the app.

The journey was mapped from the initial exposure of the app to the acquired behavior of the users culminating as a habit.

UX_Navigation_Likes & Navigation.gif

Navigation Option

Before jumping to the wireframes, Anmol conceptualized high-level prototypes of multiple navigation options for the app



Anmol, armed with his research findings, conceptualized 5 personas.
The personas were variants of Users who use their device with a Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced expertise.

UX_Strategy Roadmap.png

Product strategy

Anmol developed a concise strategy map that included the current roadmap as well as factors that would influence future state of the product.


Alternate Navigation Option

Anmol also facilitated another navigation prototype conceptualized by an intern who aided him in the project.


When it comes to wireframes, Anmol sweats the details and pushes for high fidelity because stakeholders and clients usually see wireframes as end results. This also pushes him to set the limit of wireframes and reinforce UI designers to uplift the wireframes from what it is to a much better version.

UX_ Product Details-Reviews.png
UX_Search 4.jpg
2 Wishlist- Delete.png
1 Profile Main View.jpg

The design was executed with the help of an amazing intern and the project was delivered to the client along with an Invision Prototype for all the flows.

Thanks for reading!